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Kassel School of Medicine gGmbH

Study medicine in England and Germany using the latest teaching and learning methods.

Since 2013, the Kassel School of Medicine gGmbH offers physicians a bilingual, five-year fee-based medicine study programme– the BM(EU) with a recognised degree. Together with the prestigious British University of Southampton, an innovative study program has been developed, bringing together the experience gained from two different education and healthcare systems combined. We attach great importance to providing our students with the necessary specialist and practical skills with a focus on patients as human beings. We believe in the importance of early patient contact, the use of modern teaching methods and the acquisition of initial experience in medical research during the course of studies.

The quality of the fee-based BM (EU) Medicine Study Programme is monitored by the UK's highest regulatory authority for medical study programs, the General Medical Council (GMC). Our students are enrolled in full-time study at the University of Southampton and are involved in the continuous quality improvement process. The latest GMC audit report is available online at the General Medical Council website.


First of all, Brexit is a political decision that does not affect our teaching quality! As before, we were able to prove in audits that we provide excellent teaching and that we offer high-quality study in two countries - Great Britain and Germany. For more information on how we deal with Brexit, what the KSM management thinks and what changes we expect, click here.


The KSM team

The Kassel School of Medicine (KSM) is a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) and thus an independent and at the same time wholly owned subsidiary of Gesundheit Nordhessen Holding AG (GNH). The KSM is managed by Arne Werthmann, CEO of the GNH subsidiary MVZ, and Dr Daniela Stiegel, Head of the Department for Law, Compliance and Organization at GNH.

The KSM team is small but full of competence, passion and ambition. In Education Management, Julia Opper is responsible for the 3rd year of study and for the coordination of research projects, and Andrea Gerling for the 4th and 5th year of studies. To make sure our students always feel well looked after, Marion Rothbart is an important part of the team as study program advisor. The KSM team is led by a lead administration with agile leadership style. The Foundation Year is also part of the programme and Funda Bösel is the Foundation Year Coordinator. The Foundation Year Training Program Director is Dr Med. Klaus Weber, who is also the head of the Central Emergency Department of Kassel Hospital. In addition, the care of a FSJ-student is a matter of course for the KSM team.

I firmly believe that our graduates, who can take the best of both the British and German health care systems, will be the patient centered, knowledgeable, flexible, resilient doctors of the future that we so desperately need.

Dr Clare PolackBM(EU) Programme Leader

Marion Rothbart

Studiengangsbetreuung & Pastoral Support

Marion Rothbart

Studiengangsbetreuung & Pastoral Support