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Medicine degree application

We have an intake for each academic year - starting in September of each year.

The application period is from 1 April 2019 – 13 June 2019. We only accept applications during this period and online. Please complete the following document and send it to the following address: and ksm(at)  

Proof of the information (certificates, internship certificates, etc.) must be submitted on the Selection Days. Participation in the Selection Days is a prerequisite for admission to the university. 


Application period 2019:

1 April 2019 – 13 June 2019

Complete the Online application form (PDF) and send it to: and ksm(at)



Application form for download

Application guide

Below is a guide to meet all formal requirements for successful application to the BM (EU) Medical Studies Programmes at the University of Southampton and the Kassel School of Medicine:

  • Please complete and sign the application form in electronic form. If you cannot insert an electronic signature, please print your application, sign, scan the document again and send your application by e-mail exclusively to: and ksm(at)
  • Unsigned applications or unsolicited applications cannot be considered.
  • Applications received before 1 April 2019, 0:00 (CET) or after 13 June 2019, 12:00 (CET), cannot be considered.
  • If you are still waiting for results (e.g. Abitur), enter the expected scores and submit them immediately on receipt! If you are waiting for your English or German test result, enter the date of the test day and submit it immediately on receipt! We recommend sending the application form in advance.
  • Please fill in all required information completely in the application form.
  • Do not send further documents (cover letter, references, certificates, certificates, etc.) before you are explicitly requested to do so personally. Documents received in addition to the application form will not be considered.
  • Please refer to the Selection Policy 2019 and the Religion & Belief Code of Practice of the University of Southampton and the Kassel School of Medicine.
  • Please note that a change of study to KSM from another medical study course is not possible.
  • The applications are checked on a random basis and in case of suspected fraud attempts. This applies, among other things, to information that is not factual in relation to the person, information on the nursing internship, to the qualifications achieved, but also not independently written motivation letters. If at any time it turns out that your information in the application form is not truthful or that the letter of motivation has not been written completely and independently by the applicant personally, this will result in exclusion from the application process or studies at the University of Southampton and the Kassel School of Medicine.

In case of any questions, you are welcome to write us an e-mail or call us on +49 561 980-3510.

Questions regarding the status of your application will not be answered according to the Selection Policy 2019. You will be notified by us as soon as the first phase of the selection process is completed.


Marion Rothbart


Marion Rothbart