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Financing study

The tuition fees for each academic year at the Kassel School of Medicine are currently €18,000 per year. This roughly corresponds to the tuition fees UK and European students have to pay to study on other programmes at the University of Southampton.

BM(EU) students graduate after 5 years and so earn their first salary in the sixth year as part of the Foundation Programme and are no longer enrolled as students of a university during this time.

The Kassel School of Medicine is aware that not everyone can afford the tuition fees. Therefore, we endeavour to provide for all suitable and gifted students this opportunity to s study in Kassel and Southampton. So far, the following funding options exist for students of the Kassel School of Medicine:

  • Study loan from Sparkasse Kassel: 

    A low interest study loan to finance the tuition fees of a total of €90,000 in 5 years by Kassel is offered from Heilberufecenter of Kasseler Sparkasse. It also offers a comprehensive range of all financial services, the advisory centre offers care tailored precisely to the professional group throughout the medical sector. Specialist knowledge and quality are in demand here when it comes to solid financial planning and securing the future of your private assets. Hand in hand, the team of the Heilberufscenter takes care of your concerns and is available to advise you. Ms. Svetlana Axt (svetlana.axt@kasseler- is available as your first point of contact. Further information on the Heilberufecenter of Kassel Sparkasse can be found here.

  • Scholarship from district of Kassel: only available again from the academic year 2021/2022:

    For students who agree to work for a minimum of five years at a clinic in the district of Kassel, at another clinic in the district of Kassel, as a general practitioner in the district of Kassel or at the health department of Kassel, the district of Kassel provides scholarships for the amount of tuition fees for the entire duration of the study. A scholarship is available for studies beginning in 2021. The scholarship holder is selected in cooperation with the Kassel School of Medicine and the district of Kassel. There is no legal right to a scholarship. More information about the district of Kassel can be found on the websites www.landkreiskassel.deand Please contact the Kassel School of Medicine with any questions.

  • Deutsche Bildung: 

    As a social business, Deutsche Bildung has been supporting students of all disciplines in their studies since 2007, even abroad. With flexible financing and the WissensPlus funding program with training, job application advice and coaching for a successful career start. Another advantage: No risk of excess debt - unlike a student loan, graduates later pay back their income on a pro rata basis, and only when they have safely landed a job. The Deutsche Bildung team is pleased to remain at your disposal.

Please note: Student loans by Student Finance England are NOT an option: they are NOT granted to BM(EU) students. This depends on the programme, NOT on specific studying circumstances. The University of Southampton does not have any influence over this decision.