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Tuition fees, scholarships & financing

The tuition fees for the students of the Kassel School of Medicine are currently 13.000 Euro per year. This is about the same as European (including British) students of the University of Southampton need to pay.

BM(EU) graduates will already receive their first salary as a junior doctor during the Foundation Programme in the sixth year and are not enrolled in a university anymore.

The Kassel School of Medicine is aware that not everybody is able to pay those tuition fees. Therefore the Kassel School of Medicine will try its best to make it possible for every qualified and talented candidate to study in Kassel and Southampton. Following are the possible ways of funding:
If you want to support young people in medical school financially, please contact us here.

Please note that the study is still being developed and single requirements can still change. Information’s are correct as of of 24th January 2019.
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