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Application and selection process

To apply for the bilingual human medical BM (EU) Study Programme first you need to fill out the PDF-application form only, which will be available again for download from

1st April 2018 until Midday on 13rd June 2019 (application period)

Evidence to the information (certificates etc.) must be submitted when invited to the Selection Days. Please look at this application guide in advance and also at the information in the "Questions and Answers" section.

Application guide If you have further questions or queries, you send us an E-Mail or can contact us at the following number +49(0) 561/980 – 3510.

In accordance with Selection Policy 2019, we cannot reply to questions about the state of your application. We will notify you as soon as the first phase of the selection process is over.

After examination of the applications in regard to our entry requirements we will invite up to 100 candidates to the selection days on 04th or 05th July 2019 in Kassel. At the selection days candidates will be marked according to the non-academic criteria:

Invitations to the selection days will be posted from 25th June 2019. During Selection Days candidates will have to undertake an interview, a group discussion and a written assignment. After the selection days candidates will be notified as soon as possible if they are accepted for the BM (EU) Study Programme or not. More candidates might be accepted during the succession process.

Dates for the academic year 2019 / 2020:


02nd March 2019   Information day medical studies
01st April 2019 –
Midday 13rd June 2019

  Application period 2018 at the Kassel School of Medicine
from 25th June 2019
  Sending of the invitations for the selection days in Kassel and refusals
04th July / 05th July 2019
  Selection Days in Kassel
06th July / 07th July 2019
  Open Day University of Southampton
13rd July 2019
  Sending of the study place offers (1st offer letters) and refusals
05th August 2019   End of the main process
(deadline for acceptance 1st offer)
06th August 2019
  Sending of the study place offers in the succession process if required (2nd offer)
30th August 2019   End of the succession process/last date to accept a study place
(deadline for acceptance 2nd offer)
07th Sept. / 08th Sept. 2019   Open days at the University of Southampton
09th Sept. / 10th Sept. 2019
  Induction days in Kassel
21st – 22nd Sept. 2019
  Relocation of students (advice)
21st Sept. 2019
  Deadline Age
23rd Sept. 2019   Beginning of studies in Southampton
12nd Oct. 2019
  Open day at the University of Southampton

Please note that the study is still being developed and single requirements can still change. Information’s are correct as of 24th January 2019.

Application for 2019 entry form (PDF, 185 KB)
Kassel Selection Policy for 2019 entry (PDF, 164 KB)
NHS Constitution