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Study at the Kassel School of Medicine

The BM(EU) study programme of the University of Southampton is offered in cooperation between the Kassel School of Medicine and the medical faculty of the University of Southampton. Students of the Kassel School of Medicine are enrolled at the University of Southampton. They go through the typical five year study programme of the medical faculty, enriched with additional segments in which the differences and specifics of the English and the German Health care system are taught. The students will profit from the very practical oriented English medical study.

At the beginning of study, the inductions days in Kassel take place. During these days students will get an overview of the study programme, meet their fellow students, link with their mentors and learn about the city of Kassel. In addition to that they will get to know the Klinikum Kassel, which is the place of education for the majority of years 3 – 5. Subsequently the students will move to Southampton for the first two years of study.

Here you can find a curriculum overview of the bilingual Human medicine study programme.

Study years 1 and 2 in Southampton

During the first two years of study, the base for the practice as a doctor will be built. Next to learning theoretical and practical skills, the focus is also on the different roles of a doctor as learner, scholar, scientist, practitioner and as well as professional. These will prepare students for a career as a doctor. The early contact with patients from the beginning of the study is therefore especially beneficial.

On top of that students will improve their English language skills during everyday life with English classmates, professors and patients, which become increasingly important in modern medicine and research.

Study years 3 till 5 in Kassel

At the beginning of the third year of study students will switch to the Klinikum Kassel, a hospital with maximum medical care and its cooperation partners. The training there will also be conducted according to the curriculum of the University of Southampton and students will take the same exams as their English classmates with them in Southampton. A close connection to classmates and teachers in Southampton is ensured by videoconferences, Skype and also the exchange of teaching and training material. In the final year students will undertake a clinical module in Southampton.

Due to the low number of students per year, the training meets the needs and requirements for every individual person and is also very close to patients and teachers.

In Kassel students will expand their knowledge of clinical medicine including diagnosing and therapy. This will be done by multi week clinical internships at the Klinikum Kassel, at county hospitals, in doctor’s offices and other health care institutions and will be accompanied by lectures, seminars and self-study. At first the focus is on getting to know diseases and their effects on the patient and his family. With advancing studies, students will work with multi-professional Teams to develop suitable therapy strategies. Through that they will expand their clinical abilities which will make it possible for them to start the structured Foundation-programme.

In addition, students will work independently on a research project during the third year. After successful completion of the research project they will receive the academic title Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSc).

After successful completion of the study program the students will receive the accredited academic title Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) from the University of Southampton.

After graduation …

Since it is an English degree the provisional registration will be requested at the British GMC. The degree is accepted in the whole EU according to the directives of the European Union (EU-directive 2013/55). With the Provisional Registration at the GMC, the students can receive a temporary permit from a German Medical Examination Board to work as a doctor according to §10 of the Federal Medical Practitioners Act (partial approbation).

To receive a full registration from the GMC, BM(EU) graduates have to complete a Foundation year program that is offered in Kassel. The Foundation-program is a structured entry into the job, where the partially approbated doctors are working as registrars and receive a corresponding remuneration. The Foundation year offers the possibility to gain experience in different medical areas by doing rotation internships. At the same time, doctors will have enough time to review and deepen their knowledge.

Next to attaining a broad medical basis, the Foundation year is also credited as part of the medical specialist training at the Klinikum Kassel. Therefore BM(EU) graduates can start their medical specialist training one year earlier than students from traditional German Universities and can reach higher career levels faster.

After completing the Foundation-year, doctors apply for their full registration at the GMC, which entitles them, under European law, to receive their full approbation. The Foundation program is closely monitored through quality assurance measures by the General Medical Council, the University of Southampton and the Wessex Deanery.
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