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Admission requirements

Students are expected to perform well at school but they are also expected to have the personal abilities to be able to successfully graduate and to become an empathetic and professionally qualified doctor. Therefore they need the ability to work in a team, thirst for knowledge, pleasure in working with people and empathy.
The selection of the students is performed in accordance with the Selection Policy 2014 of the KSM and the University of Southampton, which can be downloaded on this site during the application period.

Die Auswahl der Studierenden erfolgt gemäß der Selection Policy 2014 der KSM und der University of Southampton, die jeweils zum Bewerbungszeitraum auf dieser Seite zum Download bereit steht.

Requirements for admission

Please note that many teaching hospitals of the University of Southampton have special vaccination requirements amongst others a tuberculosis vaccination (BCG-vaccination). Further information and recommendations on BCG-vaccination can be found here.You may also want to consult your doctor concerning your vaccination status. In addition, all medical students are required to have a health examination prior to enrolment. Detailed information can be found here. They will be sent to you in case of an admission to study.
Broschüre Kassel School of Medicine (PDF)
KSM Selection Policy 2013
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