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Welcome to the Department of Dermatology

Welcome to the website of the Department of Dermatology of Klinikum Kassel.

On the following page you will receive informations on the structure and the spectrum of therapeutical modalities of our clinic. Furthermore, special hints for submitting physicians, patients, relatives and interested persons are given. 
In case of any questions on special treatment modalities please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. 

The Department of Dermatology is located in house no. 6 of Klinikum Kassel. 

There are three dermatologic wards (82 in-patients) a general and oncologic out-patient clinic, an operation area and a special dermatologic laboratory. Treatment profiles of the Department of Dermatology include the complete spectrum of general medical and surgical dermatology, andrology, venerology, allergy, proctology, phlebology and plastic reconstructive operations. 
The focusses of the Dermatologic Clinic are: 

Dermatologic Surgery

New and modern methods of dermatologic surgery are specifically and individually chosen for:

  • treatment of benign and malign skin tumors
  • therapy of malignant melanoma
  • micrographic surgery
  • sentinel lymph node ectomy
  • inborn and acquired malformations of the skin
  • pigmented moles, pigmentary disorders, pigmented nevi, giant pigmented nevi
  • scars, posttraumatic inflammatory and postinflammatory disorders (e.g. Acne inversa, Hidradenitis suppurativa)
  • Venous disorders, leg ulcers
  • proctologic disorders

The operative modalities are:

  • special suturing techniques with major aesthetic outcome
  • superficial ablative methods, e.g. dermabrasion, ablative lasers
  • micrographic surgery
  • local flap plasties, skin grafts
  • sentinel lymphnode biopsy
  • operations in tumescence local anaesthesia
  • operative treatment of Hyperhidrosis
  • plastic operations,
  • miniphlebektomy
  • laser surgery, electro surgery, cryo surgery

Medical Dermatology, Allergy

General treatment for:

  • eczematous disorders
  • Psoriasis
  • atopic eczema
  • severe skin reactions
  • variants of acne
  • metabolic and inborn skin disorders
  • connective tissue diseases
  • bullous dermatosis
  • infections skin disorders
  • allergic disorders of the skin and upper respirstory tract
  • occupational and environmental disorders

The therapeutic modalities are:

  • differentiated dermatologic local therapy
  • variants of light-therapy (UV-A, UV-B, SUP, local or systemic PUVA, balneo-PUVA, cream-PUVA)
  • Balneotherapy, treatment of hyperhidrosis (Botulinumtoxin, subcutaneous curettage, Iontophoresis)

The internal medical therapy includes the whole spectrum of rational dermatologic treatment modalities including immunotherapy. In addition, psychosocial and psychologic consult is provided. 


Hotlinephone +49 561 980-3335

phone +49 561 980-3051